Friday, 7 February 2014

Saas-Fee Glacierbike Downhill 2014

Saas-Fee Glacierbike Downhill - 8th March 2014

Have you ever thought about cycling down a ski piste as quickly as you can? Well that's exactly what they do here in Saas Fee. The annual Glacierbike downhill race is due to commence on the 8th March 2014 for the 11th time. 

This adrenalin pumping event is an incredible event for spectators and the competitors themselves. Road and dirt downhill racing can be fast enough, but on ice and snow reaching scary speeds really makes this event for the adrenalin junkies to enjoy! 

Competitiors start all together at the start line at 3,500 meters a.s.l on the Mittelallalin and ride down to the village based at 1,800 m. Providing an exciting ride not only having to deal with the steep track covered in snow and ice, but avoiding the other competitors also. A big challenge for even the most experienced mountain bikers! 

See the video above for an on board view of what the race is like for the competitors. 

Race Track for the event
Also if you're wondering if spiked tyres are allowed, then unfortunately not. All bikes are checked prior to the event to make sure they are suitable and in a good condition to race. 

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Enjoy the race on 8th March and wish all the competitors the best of luck! 

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