Saturday, 15 April 2017

Taking to the skies: Zermatt

With spring conditions upon us and the winter season drawing to a close, the OTP Resort Managers were given a taste of what other exciting activities Switzerland has to offer.

Partnering up with Fly Zermatt, the Resort Managers were each given the opportunity to go paragliding and soar above some of Switzerland's most iconic peaks.

Although the OTP team took off from Zermatt's Rothorn peak (3103 m), they reached altitudes in excess of 4000m.

The theory behind paragliding is that heat rising from the surface of the earth produces upward currents of air. As such, during the winter when Switzerland is covered in snow, there aren't as many air currents and flight altitudes tend to be a lot lower. As snow begins to melt during the spring and bare patches of earth are exposed, flights tend to be a lot more turbulent due to the mix of summer-like up-currents and the remains of the cold winter air.

Whether you're an adrenaline junky or simply want to experience paragliding at its highest altitudes, summers in Zermatt offer the smoothest flights and largest up-currents. Flights starting in Switzerland and crossing into Italy are one of the all-time favourites of paragliding enthusiasts.


Despite talk of landings being tricky, the experienced instructors at Fly Zermatt proved that there was nothing to worry about.


There was only one word the OTP Resort Managers used to describe the experience; beautiful.

Come along and join us;

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