Wednesday, 11 September 2013

DH tracks in Crans Montana

The DH Safari we offer is a fantastic holiday for Downhill Riders with 6 different downhill courses in 6 days in the Rhône Valley and mountains. We spent the day over at one of those resorts to take the time to film one of the easier routes to give you an idea of that might be install for you.

Crans Montana has a few different tracks all with differing challengers.  The track in the video is the red route which is long, fast and flowing while also being pretty flat. There is also another 2 black courses that cross each other all the way down. They offer a steeper, more technical challenge but along with that bring slower speeds. Just at the base of the bike friendly lift station is a North Shore area and bike park, this offers differing levels of height and narrow wooded sections and also a differing level of sized drops and offer something for everyone. The black courses are more like the track we have in Zermatt, therefore we choose to spend our time on the flowing track on the Red course.

As you can see from the video the track is under constant maintenance from the guys over in Crans and we think this is great! The technical course we have in Zermatt, while being equally as challenging and enjoyable, is pretty much left to its own devices and evolves and constantly changes, offering sometimes a surprising first run of the day! In contrast, it’s nice to turn up to course and be able to let go on the first descent and know that every corner, obstacle, transition and bump are exactly how they should be.

This red route is that is makes a great starting place for less experiences DH riders because of this constant attention. It offers a nice fast and predicable ride and has some open flowing sections with a couple of mini obstacles and then to mix it up a little is a few tighter tree sections to prepare you for the move onto the tougher black routes.

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Hope to ride with you guys soon!!

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